How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – 2022

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: Smooth Stone is one of several Stone varieties. It is frequently sought-after by players looking for a distinctly contemporary look when building because of its soft texture.

Smooth Stone was a part of earlier versions of Minecraft however only the most recent versions have added it as a material base for construction with.

However, Smooth Stone is not readily available and must be made using two smelting procedures by players.

Smooth Stone in Minecraft

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft:-

Step 1 – Gather Cobblestone

You can mine the cobblestone underground with a pick-ax. You can find a cave or mine a few blocks below the surface to quickly find the stone.

Gather Cobblestone

Step 2 – Making Stone

To smelt cobblestone, you will need a furnace and fuel. After you have all of these things, you can place the cobblestone and the fuel in the furnace.

After waiting a few seconds, you will see a small piece of stone melt from your cobblestone.

You can also enchant your pick-ax using the silk touch enchantment.

This will allow you to mine stone blocks with stone and not cobblestone. A silk touch pick-ax makes the job easier and saves materials.

Step 3 – Making Smooth Stone

Making Smooth Stone

After you have created your stone, you can place it back into the furnace to smelt. After waiting a while, you’ll have a smooth stone in Minecraft ready to use for your build projects.

Required Materials to Craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft:-

These are the materials that you will need to make a torch:

  1. Furnace
  2. Cobblestone
  3. Any type of fuel (coal or charcoal, bucket of lava)

A furnace is the first thing you need to make a smooth stone. 8 cobblestones are required to make a furnace.

After you have collected all your cobblestones, you can add eight pieces to each furnace you want to make.

To speed up the process if you are working on a large project, multiple furnaces may be necessary.

The number of furnaces that you need will depend on the use you intend to make of the smooth stone. One furnace is sufficient if you are only using the smooth stone to make blast furnaces or two.

It may not be necessary to have a furnace for each stack of cobblestone you collect if you are making a building from it.

Once you have collected all your materials, you are ready to build your furnaces. This guide explains how to build a furnace. Once you have created your furnace(s), it is time to start making your smooth stone.


How you can get smooth stone in Minecraft survival?

You can only get smooth stone by using the furnace

  1. Step 1: Get cobblestone.
  2. Step 2: Buy Coal. 
  3. Step 3: Make the Furnance.
  4. Step 4: Turn the cobblestone intestine using a furnace.
  5. Step 5: Turn Stone into Smooth Stone by Using the Furnace Once More…

Is there a faster way to make smooth stones?

You can use your regular Furnace to make three Smooth Stone for a Blast Furnace. Then, you can switch to the Blast Furnace to continue Cobblestone and Smooth Stone melting to save time.

Where can you get the smooth stone?

Some houses in plains, savanna, and snowy plains villages of the Butcher’s House are made from smooth stone in the form of slabs or blocks.

How do you smooth stone bricks?

melting regular stone again creates smooth stone bricks. This can be a tedious process, especially if your pickaxe is not silked touch. The cobblestone blocks will be melted into regular stone. Next, you’ll need to smelt regular stone into smooth stones bricks.

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