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How to make a bed in Minecraft

How to make a bed in Minecraft: A bed is a crucial element in Minecraft. It lets players reset their spawn points. If you’ve constructed your base, make sure to build an appropriate bed, put it in your room and rest in it at least once in order to alter your spawn point.

If you don’t have a bed you’ve slept in at minimum once, and you pass away and respawn, you’ll be respawned at the same spawn location the game gave when you first made a decision to join a world or joined the server.

What You Need to Craft a Bed

Need to Craft a Bed

You’ll need two kinds of blocks for beds in Minecraft: Wood Planks and Wool. There are three blocks of each.

The Wool blocks must be of the same color in order for the creation of the Bed. For instance, white Wool, as well as Gray Wool, cannot be combined to make a Bed. However, the Planks made of wood Planks aren’t required to be of the same type.

For instance, you can put Oak Planks and Dark Oak Planks together to create Beds. There are 16 types of beds that are created, however, the only difference among all of them is the color.

The Crafting Recipe for Making a Bed

The only way to create a Bed is by using the Crafting Bench. If you’re using a bench for crafting it is necessary to place three pieces of the same color Wool in the upper row.

After that, you’ll have to make the middle row full of three Wood Planks of any kind. Following that, you’ll be able to remove your Bed from its Crafting Bench.

How to Get Wood Planks

The simplest way to obtain Wood Planks is to chop down a tree, and then transform those Wood Logs into Wood Planks within your crafting menu. It is also possible to make Wood Planks on a Crafting Bench.

How to Get Wool

Sheep are the quickest method to obtain Wool if you do not have a village nearby. It is possible to kill sheep or cut them using the Shears tool to obtain up to three pieces of wool. Sheep will shed the Wool in whatever color is in their bodies.

Villagers can also be a fantastic option to acquire Wool because they are spawned with several different colorful Wool blocks. You can collect them without getting the Villagers mad So, gather the amount you like.

Another method to obtain Wool is to create it using four pieces of String. The string is easily found in the form of a drop from Spiders which is why you should hunt these numerous-legged creatures for these items. On crafting, the menu put the four Strings into a square to make the White Wool block.

Make a bed in Minecraft

Building a bed using Minecraft is fairly simple. Materials for it are readily available and construction is a straightforward, one-step procedure. When you’ve got the patience and the resources to do it, you could build a bed from the desired color, however, you’ll need to source dye.

What you need

Followings are essential to have a bed in minecraft.

  • Three wool blocks
  • Three wood blocks (any kind)
  • A table for crafting

Obtaining Wool in Minecraft

Wool is derived from sheep. Sheep are quite common and can be found throughout the biomes. They are available in brown, white, and black hues. The bed’s hue is determined by the color of the wool.

To get wool, you are able to:

  • Sheer is a sheep
  • Kill a sheep

If you want to kill sheep you can use a wooden weapon however sheering is preferred. The sheep will grow wool again after a time and you will gain more wool once more.

By sheering, you’ll certainly get wool, whereas by slaughtering sheep you could only receive Mutton. To sheer a sheep, you need sheers. To build sheers, you will require

  • 2 iron ingots

To craft sheers;

  1. Make sure to open the crafting table.
  2. Put one iron ingot into the second cell of the row.
  3. Put one iron ingot in the first cell of the second row.
  4. Collect sheers.

Obtaining Wool in Minecraft

Sheer sheep

Once you’ve got your sheers, you have to locate sheep. Right-click/place the action item on sheep if you spot them. You should receive minimum one wool block.

The sheep’s appearance will change to indicate that it was removed. It is impossible to get any more wool out of it until it grows back its wool.

If you would like the bed to have a particular hue, then dye the wool prior to when you start.

Sheer sheep

Make the bed in Minecraft

Once you have wooden and wool items, it is time to create your bed.

  1. Unlock the table for crafting.
  2. Set one block of wool inside each cell of the initial row.
  3. Place one wood block inside each cell of the second row.
  4. Take the bed.
  5. When you have the bed on your palm Click right-click on the bed to set it up.
  6. After placing the bed, right-click to set the bed and you are ready to go to sleep.

Make bed in Minecraft

Sleeping in Minecraft

You can’t doze in Minecraft at any time you’d like.

  • It is only possible to go to bed at nighttime, or when it’s dark or it’s raining outside.
  • It is impossible to go to sleep if you have hostile mobs amidst you
  • If you do not get enough sleep for a long period of time on consecutive days and you are not sleeping, the Phantom will come after you in the middle of the day.


Beds in Minecraft were crucial but not a necessity to build until it was the time that the Phantom mob was introduced. Prior to that, the game offered players the option of passing the night in a short time and resetting the spawn points.  Players who don’t sleep enough are now punished in the game.


What all do I need to make a bed in Minecraft?

You will see a crafting area consisting of a 3×3 grid. You can make a white bed by placing 3 wool and 3 wood planks on the 3×3 crafting grid. You can craft with any type of wood planks such as oak and spruce or birch, forest, acacias, dark oak, or crimson when crafting with wood planks.

How does bed work in Minecraft?

A bed is a block that allows a player to sleep and reset their spawn points to within a few blocks from the Overworld. The default world spawning place for players is the one where the bed has been removed or obstructed.

Can you dye a bed in Minecraft?

You can get any dye you want. Open the Crafting table. Place the dye and the bed in the Crafting Table Window. You can dye the bed according to the dye color.

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