How To Grow A Tree In Minecraft – 2022

How To Grow A Tree In Minecraft: Trees are the primary sources of wood for Minecraft and are a vital material you’ll likely use frequently throughout the gameplay.

Learning how to plant a tree in Minecraft will enable you to obtain wood quickly without needing to travel. Additionally, trees cannot grow on their own in Minecraft, which means it is necessary to plant trees independently to obtain more wood at specific places.

Planting different varieties of trees around your base is an ideal way to decorate your base.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to plant trees in Minecraft all over the world as well as how to cultivate specific types of trees specifically for certain purposes.

Tree In Minecraft

How to have the sapling to grow trees

Trees can be planted by planting the appropriate sapling, which is the portion of the tree you wish to develop.

If, for instance, you are planning to plant an oak tree, you will need to locate the sapling for oak as well as all other trees as well.

Sapling to Grow Trees

If you’d like to obtain these saplings on your own, then you must cut down trees. However, the chances of finding one are about 1-5 percent per tree. This implies that you will need to cut many trees to locate the sapling.

These saplings can also be obtained from chests. You can find the oak sapling in the village plains chest and the spruce sapling in the village taiga box. The acacia sapling is located at the village’s savanna trunk.

How to grow a tree in Minecraft

Minecraft trees don’t grow out of seeds but from saplings. This article will explain how to grow most Minecraft trees. You can follow the steps below to see how to grow trees in Minecraft.

Step 1: The sapling of the tree that you wish to grow is available

Saplings can be obtained from trees that are already in use. You can get saplings by cutting down trees. You can use your fist or an ax to break down the wood blocks.

The leaves at the top of the wood blocks will eventually fall and you’ll have the chance to drop saplings.

Step 2: Plant your sapling

Place a sapling in a sunny area with plenty of space. The sapling should be planted on grass, podzol, dirt, or both. Alternate light sources, such as flowstones and torches, can be used.

Also, ensure there are no blocks directly above the sapling. To allow the saplings to grow, players must be within a specified radius.

Step 3: Make trees grow faster

After a time period of random length, the sapling will become larger. This usually takes time between 1 to 3 days. To speed up the process, fertilize the sapling with a bone meal. Fish mobs all have a 5% drop rate for bone meal.

If you have fish farming, it should be simple to obtain this food. You should check if your tree is taking too long to grow.

How to grow a huge tree in Minecraft

If you want to plant a tree farm, large trees will be more productive. The tree will most likely be of a standard size if you grow it using the traditional method.

There is a simple way to make your tree grow into a large tree. Place a semi-transparent block, glass, or slab diagonally above the sapling.

This method will not work for birch trees, as birch trees that were grown from saplings are usually 5 to 7 blocks high.


Because trees are essential blocks in Minecraft, they are able to help you create valuable items that would not be possible without them. There are many trees to choose from, including oak, maple, and birch trees. Each tree has its own style and look. If you run out of trees or want to grow your own, you will need saplings. A composter is also needed to speed up the process.


1. How do you grow a tree quickly in Minecraft?

You can speed up the process but not wait for the tree to fully grow naturally. Put the bone meal on your sapling. This is a natural fertilizer that is included in the game. It is used to accelerate the growth of trees and crops.

2. How far apart do trees need to be to grow in Minecraft?

The sapling needs a light level of at least 9 and a certain amount of space around it, depending on its type. Oak requires at least 5 spaces more. Birch requires at least 6 spaces higher than. Spruce requires at least 7 spaces to place a single sapling.

3. Do Minecraft trees need sunlight?

For trees, any light is sufficient. You may require more space. My underground tree farm measures 200×200 for the trees, and I have found that trees need at least one block on each side and at most 7 blocks up.

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