How to Get Bees in Minecraft? – 2022

How to Get Bees in Minecraft: Bees are among some of the cutest creatures no matter if they live in an actual world, or in the virtual world in Minecraft. Be aware that if you try to mess with them both in these worlds, you’ll be sure to encounter danger.

Bees are extremely beneficial for many purposes in Minecraft. In the article, we’ll discuss discussing the best ways to find bees within Minecraft and where they are located and how to find them, and then how to breed them and increase their numbers to your benefit.

bees in Minecraft

How to tame bees in Minecraft

When you are battling the bees in Minecraft take note of how bees may behave when you are around them.

They may be as serene like a flower or perilous as a lion according to your conduct in their presence.

If you attempt to harm or kill the beehive or a bee in the vicinity, all bees will come after you, and the first sting could be fatal to you.

tame bees in Minecraft

The most important thing to remember when you are trying to manage the bee is to stay at peace.

Flowers are a great way to attract bees. If they’re successful in attracting bees and you are able to use the leash to keep the flowers and take them to your home.

How to Find Bees in Minecraft

When you’re in the right biome, it’s only a matter of time to begin spotting bees. However, to make it simpler for you, we’ll discuss a few indicators you could use to locate bees.

Each of these indicators helps to confirm the existence of bees in the area.

Beehives or Bee Nests

The most popular thing you might associate with the bees of Minecraft can be found in the beehive or, as Minecraft refers to it, the bee’s nest. As you may know that it’s the home of bees, and also the place in which they store their honey.

In Minecraft, the bee’s nest can house 3 or more bees at once. If a honeybee is stranded and wanders around, it will until it comes across an empty nest of bees.

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The easiest method to find bees during the game is to look for nests of bees. In contrast to bees, they stay still in a single spot. After that, you’ll have to just wait for them to return to their nest.

Most of the time, bees return to their nests in the evening and when rainy. When they are back, the bees remain in the bee’s nest for about two minutes before they leave.


As you’d imagine, bee nests appear to be connected to trees in Minecraft. However, not all trees. Bee nests can only be seen on birch or oak tree species within the game.

If you’re seeking beehives, make sure to keep an eye out for the two kinds of trees. Sometimes even birch or oak trees that grow from saplings may produce a beehive. It’s so long as there are flowers around.

But the odds of a bee’s nest naturally producing off a sapling is less than five percent. If nothing happens is worth the effort.

How to Make Beehives in Minecraft

You know how to attract bees in Minecraft Now you be wondering how to create your own beehives within Minecraft. It is easy to make your own Beehives from Wood Planks and Honeycomb.

How To Make Beehives in Minecraft

Make use of the crafting table to put three planks of wood on the bottom and top row. Then, place three honeycombs on the middle row. Honeycombs can be collected from bee nests. It can be used to create the Beehive.


If you are looking for methods of finding bees in Minecraft Here’s everything you must learn about bees. Bees have recently been added to Minecraft. Bees aren’t part of the game just to roam around, but they could be extremely useful.

Through the aid of honeybees, you can create honey, create beehives, make honeycombs, as well as pollinate your farm with Minecraft. Explore the possibilities and various ways to achieve with bees and bee nests in Minecraft.


1. What is the best way to get bees?

The two most commonly used methods to attract bees are package bees or a nucleus. For Package Bees, to purchase an entire package of bees call a local beekeeper supply or your local beekeeping association. Most packages include queens, several workers, and a feeder stuffed of sugar syrup.

2. Why are there no bees in my beehive Minecraft?

If a nest of bees is destroyed by any tool that isn’t enthralled by Silk Touch, it drops the bees that are inside, and they are angry with the user. If you use a Silk Touch tool is used to break the nest, it falls off itself, and the bees within remained inside. If the beehive is destroyed by the Silk Touch tool, bees are not likely to become angry.

3. Can you leash a bee in Minecraft?

Bees are able to be tied to leads, even when angry. They are able to attack even when connected. Bees generally travel 22 blocks away from their beehive in search of an object they can pollinate, or attack.

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